Angela Backlinks

The term “Angela Backlinks” originate from its creator, Angela Edwards. Angela advocates this strategy of creating backlinks from high authority forums. High authority forums are forums with high PR (anywhere from 6 – 10).

She claims that through using this strategy alone, she’s able to rank her name “Angela” on the top 2 positions on Google SERPs! And yes, as you would’ve guessed, there are millions of competitions for this keyword! To assure you further, I’ve tried this strategy, and I can personally vouch for its effectiveness. This strategy works like magic!

Angela offers her backlinks packet at a monthly fee of $5. In the packet, she lists down 30 high PR forums that we can build backlinks on. She’ll send you a packet every month. Obviously, this is a great bargain!

However, it is extremely time consuming to create those backlinks on your own. You’ll spend hours, or even days, every month creating forum profiles and waiting for your profiles to mature (usually 7 days) before placing your backlinks. You’ll even need to think of something constructive to comment in a forum that you have no idea what the specialists are talking about!

We will offer to build these backlinks for you — not only 30 backlinks, but a total of 280 Angela Backlinks! You can now spend your time doing something better that “Adds Value” to your business!


  • choose your plan

  • No. of Backlinks
  • Do-Follow Links
  • Anchor Texts
  • Detailed Report
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Turn Around Time
  • Premium

  • $79


  • 280
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • 7 days




Order Angela Backlinks 280 Angela Backlinks @ $79.00




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